Haz el bien, y no mires a quién. -Spanish Proverb

¡Vámonos a las Islas Canarias!


Today, twenty of us USACers set off to descend upon the Canary Islands for five fantastic days. The Canary Islands are home to one of the biggest festivals for the world-wide holiday, Carnival (o, en Español, Carnaval). Carnival is celebrated in a small way in the US as “Mardi Gras”, but this doesn’t give an accurate picture of what Carnival is to the rest of the world. Celebrated in almost all of Europe, Carnival is a 10-day (or more!) cultural celebration just before the start of Lent marked by parades, costumes and dancing. The biggest of these festivals takes place far from here in Rio de Janeiro, but many articles say that the Canary Islands are a close second. Since the Islands are a tad bit closer than Rio, we decided to settle for second best 😉
The forecast for the Canaries this weekend is a consistent 70-75 degrees with a few evening showers possible. I think I can handle that. I’m leaving Getxo as a pasty-white “bronde.” No one will recognize the tan, blonde kid I’ll be when I return…so much for not standing out amongst the Spaniards!
Below is a map to show the location of the Canary Islands. Though they are a property of Spain, they are really not very close to Spain at all, as you can see:

Having been very fond of whales and dolphins since childhood, I hope to fulfill my dream to see them in the wild on a whale/dolphin-watching tour while we are there. Here is a picture of a boat for one of the main whale-watching tour companies on our island:

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. I’ll try to send some sunshine your way!

Happy Carnival!


Author: meggr

American expat in Spain. tech enthusiast. fitness fanatic. eclectic musicophile. wine and coffee aficionado.

2 thoughts on “¡Vámonos a las Islas Canarias!

  1. Hope this finds you enjoying those 70’s!! Also hope you get to see the dolphins..didn’t know you were gong on that tour…Awesome!! (even without the dolphins!!)…Probably try to talk to you sometime this wkend…in the mean time—have all the fun in the sun that you can!! XXXXXOOOOO,Mom

  2. Megan,

    It sounds like you are having a great time studying in Spain. We certainly miss you around the Wellness Center but what a exciting adventure you are on. This blog has been wonderful to keep up with you. Hope all continues to go well and I will be excited to hear all about it person when you arrive back to UND. Also, I hate to ask a work related question but we are curious to where you work keys are. The reason I ask is, UND is doing key inventory and this something we didn’t address with you before you left. Please confirm where they are, and that you will get them inventoried as soon as you are back on campus. THANKS!! Enjoy the sun and take care. See you soon!

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