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Sounds of Spain

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Music has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. I’m not terribly picky about what I listen to, as long as it’s good (ha.) But really though, I have my favorites and tend to especially appreciate creative lyrics and unique sounds, but I enjoy almost all music.

I came here excited to experience the music in another country for awhile. To my disappointment, Gaga and Ke$ha are topping the charts here too, so there hasn’t been much of a change. The wildly popular American artists are, however, intermixed with some Spanish and Latin American pop artists on Spain’s Top 20 list.

Spanish pop music. What can I say about it. While Europe tends to be “ahead” of the US in many trends–fashion, hairstyles, etc.–I would say that the case of music is the opposite. This is just my humble opinion, of course, but bear with me.  It’s not terrible by any means, but a lot of it is a little bit “90’s love ballad” style. Some of it I’m really sick of, but some has totally grown on me. One Spanish pop artist, David Bustamante, won my heart over a little bit with his latest hit, “Abrazame muy fuerte” (Hug me strongly, or more like–hold me tight…):

*Note the subtle Spanish “lisp”

Another popular group in Spain right now is Fito y Fitipaldis. The cool thing is, they’re actually from Bilbao! Their song, “Antes De Que Cuente Diez” (Before I Count to Ten) will always remind me of my first few weeks in Spain, when it was on the radio nonstop:

*On this one, note the harsh “h” sounds (sounds like the “ch” in Bach), also very typical to the dialect here.

Nelly Furtado‘s most recent album is very popular here right now, probably because it is 100% in Spanish. One song from this album has become one of my all-time faves very quickly. The first line of the chorus is so simple, but powerful and true at the same time: “La vida debe ser feliz” (Life should be happy.) There is no video with this one, but if you know a little Spanish I found a video with the lyrics of the song that you can follow:

This is only a small sampling of the current popular music in Spain; a few of my favorites. One thing I haven’t yet mentioned is that club/euro techno music is very popular here and can be heard on multiple radio stations at all hours of the day, which is a little different. Like I said, there is a lot of American music too, so I’m not missing music from home or anything like that. The one thing I do miss dearly is Pandora, which is currently unavailable outside US borders. Thankfully I’ve found a couple of somewhat similar sites: Grooveshark and Jango.

I’ll try to share more popular Spanish music as I discover it!

¡Espero que disfrutaras la música!


Author: meggr

American expat in Spain. tech enthusiast. fitness fanatic. eclectic musicophile. wine and coffee aficionado.

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  1. Fito y Fitipaldis is so bad ass. So glad they were included in your post!

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