Haz el bien, y no mires a quién. -Spanish Proverb

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Where is “home?”

I failed to complete a blog post in my finals days in Spain amidst the craziness of wrapping things up and saying goodbye, but after only a few days back home I am still mostly in the mourning phase of leaving my former stomping grounds. “Are you glad to be back?” That is the million dollar question I have gotten over and over in recent days. The short and sweet, but complicated answer is “Sort of, but not really.” The comforts of home are great, and I’ve been soaking them in to the max. I’ve been pounding Diet Coke (Coca Cola Light is far from the same, trust me), enjoying how crisp my clothes are after drying  in a dryer, taking in some American television, zipping around in my car and catching up with friends I haven’t seen in months. But at this point, all of those things can hardly make up for what I am missing about Spain.

One of my last sunsets in Getxo

Me at Sopelana beach, where I took surf lessons and spent many sunny afternoons

I miss the beach, tortilla de patata, fabulous red wine, cafes on every block…I miss our crazy USAC group and the constant action and excitement we created each and every day. I am quickly realizing some even deeper things I miss too, like certain aspects of the lifestyle there: the great importance of social interactions among family and friends that is so evident in their day-to-day lives, the more laid-back way of life, the active lifestyles of the people that spans all generations. I’m sure that this list will only grow as the days go by. I’m not trying to hate on “home”, but it’s tough leaving such a wondrous place and returning to reality.

If only I could work and go to school and do the things I need to do here, but efficiently transport myself to Spain in my free time. To solve this problem, I think I may dedicate my life to the science of teleportation. Wish me luck with that…