Haz el bien, y no mires a quién. -Spanish Proverb

país vasco: the land of endless photogenic potential

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Another weekend of blessedly beautiful weather; another hike with impossibly beautiful views.

This weekend, we hopped a bus to Bakio, got off and walked along the highway until we got a tiny island called Gaztelugatxe (gahz-tell-oo-gotch-ay), one of the coolest things to see in all of País Vasco. Then we hiked down the cliff and up the hundreds of stairs to the beautiful 10th century church atop the tiny, rocky island.

We finished the hike by continuing east along the highway down into the quaint town of Bermeo, and treated ourselves to some hard-earned vino and pintxos.


The hike totaled over 10 miles, a lot of which was up and down steep hills over rocky terrain, but it was more than worth it. This compilation of video that I shot showcases some of its awesomeness:

Hasta pronto!


Author: meggr

American expat in Spain. tech enthusiast. fitness fanatic. eclectic musicophile. wine and coffee aficionado.

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