Haz el bien, y no mires a quién. -Spanish Proverb

el tiempo vuela!


Hola gente!!! It has been MUCH too long since I’ve written an update, and for that I apologize. I have 4 or 5 half-written posts on various topics, but  just couldn’t seem to seal the deal on any of them lately :-p…so look for smörgåsbord of upcoming posts in the near future.

So…I’ll give you all the (very) short version of what has been happening over the past several weeks:

I finished my job in Amorebieta as an English auxiliar for the Basque Government. It was sad to say “agur!” to everyone there, but I’ll always have lots of good memories!

My last day with one of my 4 ESO (high school sophomores) classes

I visited Valencia and Alicante with my good friend Bryce during his month long trip through Europe. This is a part of Spain I hadn’t visited yet, and I absolutlely LOVED it. It is now second only to my beloved Pais Vasco. 😉

Valencia in a nutshell: a charming city with an eclectic mix of both festivals/events and people, science museums and futuristic architecture galore. Oh, and did I mention it is the birthplace of one of my favorite dishes on earth: paella? Eating paella at a beachside restaurant in the city of its birth was truly mmm-mmm-magical!

jumping for science geek joy in the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia

Alicante totally exceeded my expectations. I knew it was going to be nice, but WOW! A city built around a huge castle fortress on a mountain that overlooks a Mediterranean beach!?? Few places are that perfect. You can (and we did) spend the day on the beach, swimming in the sparkling blue ocean waters and then head up to the castle fortress for a 360° view of the sunset. Unforgettable.

is this for real? yes, really. for real.

I landed a dream volunteering job for the month of June, assisting with social media strategy and photography for the TEDxDeusto conference at the University of Deusto in Bilbao. If you’re unfamiliar with TED, do yourself a favor and rectify that right now.

the TEDxDeusto Team and speakers

I moved in with a Spanish family to work as an au pair! This is something I was pretty sure I would never do, but two days into it I am absolutely thrilled that I did. There kids are twin 4-year-olds (a boy and a girl) and a 7-year-old boy. I spend most of the day with just the twins, as the older boy goes to German school until just before their mom comes home. The family really couldn’t be any nicer…I’m so lucky!  They live in a small village in the country outside of Bilbao, so I’ve gone from waking to the bustling sounds of city traffic out my window to waking to the sound of a rooster crowing up the road from our house. I’m loving the change of pace–it’s so peaceful and beautiful out here. Definitely more on all of that later!

And, last but certainly not least, I’ve decided to stay in Spain for another year! I applied for the same program I was in this year, but to work at a different school. I was accepted to the school of my choice, so next year I’ll be working at a language school in Getxo, Bilbao’s seaside suburb.

I’ll be coming back to the States in about a month to visit friends and family, and since my program doesn’t start until October, I’ll be staying for almost two whole months!

I hope all of you back State-side have a fantastic 4th of July holiday…grill some goodness for me!

Hasta la proxima!


Author: meggr

American expat in Spain. tech enthusiast. fitness fanatic. eclectic musicophile. wine and coffee aficionado.

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  1. You are the bomb.

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